What is a computerized maintenance management system?

A computerized maintenance management system or CMMS is software that keeps information about all your equipment, machinery, facilities or other assets and any maintenance performed on them. CMMS systems are found in manufacturing, oil and gas, power generation, construction, transportation, and other industries where physical infrastructure is critical.

How a CMMS works.

In brief, the core of a CMMS is a database. It manages and organizes information about the assets, maintenance history, warranties, costs among others. It provides a high level view of the condition of the facility and assets and actions taken.

CMMS adoption has become easier as technology advances and is no longer only implemented by large enterprises with large budgets. Today, CMMS can be used by companies that have internet and with even the smallest budgets. Implement your CMMS today with ToolHero for just $99/month, all-inclusive.